Through Thick and Thin

by Dear Diary

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released November 7, 2013

Tristan Coyote Bach
Rainbow Trout Studios
College Road Recording



all rights reserved


Dear Diary Spokane, Washington

Hi, I'm Tristan Coyote Bach. My solo project, Dear Diary is no-longer active as of April 9th, 2014 due to marketing complications and other reasons.

I'm still working on music and will update this section with a link in due time. [8/10/2015]
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Track Name: Time Apart
I knocked, [and] you let me in.
I kissed you on the lips,
With your head in my hand
And my arm around your hips.

Like the sunshine in the Spring,
Your laughter brings
Warmth into my heart;
Won't you laugh for me?

And I was short on words
When you had to leave;
I had so much to say.
Will there come a day?

Every time you cross my mind
I pray that I could be with you
I miss you so much these days

And if I connect the stars
I can see your face
Smiling down at me

Taking on the world
Is so much harder
When you are alone.
Baby, please come home.

Time apart from our loves breaks our hearts,
But never splits us.
I belong to you babe, and you the same
Belong to me.

In my sleep
I am wide awake
Chasing after you,
Beaten and bruised.

And in these dreams
We are one again
Beneath the sun, the moon, the stars.

We sit under that tree
And sing in harmony
Sleep in my arms
With your head against my chest.

Why do I cry and why can't I fly?
You're out of reach and out of sight,
But not out of my mind.
Overseas, across galaxies,
It does not make a difference.
I miss you. I miss you.

Time apart from our loves breaks our hearts,
But never splits us.
I belong to you, babe, and you, the same,
Belong to me.
Track Name: Seventeen
Dear diary, I'm seventeen;
My life sure did seem to
Fly right past my eyes.
Friends came and went,
Many times I spent
Weekends alone.

Eighteen will come;
I know I'll find someone to love.

If I had one little thing to say,
I'd say to do it up;
Today is the day.
Don't hold back;
You're worth more than that.
Work hard so you can play.

Eighteen will come;
You'll still be having fun.

We just do what we want to,
Say what we wanna say,
Hear what we wanna hear;
We're not living for today.

I'm so awkward that I scare many people away,
When they try to get to know me, I've got nothin' to say.
So, I try to play it off by laughing and stuff,
But they just think I'm weird.

Eighteen will come;
I know I'll find someone who loves--
Who loves me.

If I were to die today,
I would have wasted twelve years in school
'Cause it never taught me how to love.
Track Name: In God's Time
I know it's been so long, my friend,
But, soon, your pains will be gone
All in God's time.

I don't see why you would cry
When you've got a smile like that.
Shine bright like the sun.
You show more love than anyone.

When you're flat on your back,
You can only look up,
So cheer up, pup. (x2)
Track Name: One Foot in Front of the Other
You say that you wanna give it up.
You say that you ain't got no luck;
Well, I'll tell you now:
You won't make it anywhere
With an attitude like that.

It starts with one foot in front of the other.
With two shoes, we can cover
Three hundred miles toward each other;
We'll meet in the middle and embrace one another.

They say that money's everything.
They say that you're not worth anything.
Well, here's the thing I want you to know.


And when it comes down to it,
The only thing that ever really mattered was
If we loved.

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Insomnia
Staring at the ceiling,
Counting dots in the paint like stars
Tear drops run down
my face as I
contemplate suicide.

It's 2am,
I need to sleep;
Please let me be.
I've got to work in the morning
While the whole world's still snoring.
Caffeine's my remedy,
Except when I want to sleep

One more day spent the same way;
Will this cycle ever change?
Sing along to one more song.
Look at the clock and your life is gone.


When you're walkin' through the streets and you're dead on your feet
And you feel so alone,
Dead to the world and cold to the bone, a lost cause
without anyone.

You've hit rock bottom and your world is closing in.
There's a gun to your head, as your patience grows thin.
You want to pull the trigger, but your conscience asks again
"This is the end; are you ready to give in?"

You close your eyes and think of everyone
That's ever shown you love; it's few, but there's one.
So, you put down the gun and you run, you run, you
Run to that person, you run.

Track Name: Jamie's Lullaby